Envision is Cincinnati's premier provider of services to children and adults with developmental disabilities -- and their families.  


Mom and Dad, Lucinda and Darren, and their children, Andy, 16 and Kate, 15. The cute and feisty family dog is Finn, age 2. Not pictured is their son, Jack, who is currently attending Indiana University.

The Hurst’s are excited to be the “Ambassador Family” for the first annual “Walk for Envision” because Andy currently receives services from the CITE Program.  “Andy’s journey has been amazing and Envision has been a Godsend,” said Lucinda.

"We want to encourage all families served by Envision – past and present – to consider forming a walk team, setting a fundraising goal, and attending the walk event on Saturday, September 21, 2019 at Winton Woods," said Lucinda.

She and Darren understand the importance of preparing Andy for a productive life in the community with as much independence as possible. They also understand the need for nonprofits like Envision to strive for greater financial independence. That’s why the “Walk for Envision” is so important.

"It’s necessary to go beyond government funding in terms of sustainability for Envision. The issues we’re facing now are different than a generation ago. Our children are living longer, more fulfilling lives and they deserve to be an even bigger part of the community. That can’t happen with just Medicaid waiver dollars,” said Lucinda.


These people are going the extra mile for Envision!    

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